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2002-05-03 19:32:09 (UTC)


so, today was a pretty good day..I'm really starting to get
over Timmy, which is a good thing...I still have my
moments...but I think most of it is cause I like can't be
single...I don't know what it is about me...but w/e I think
I'll have to be single for a while...that's ok, once I get
used to it...I can have a ton of fun with my friends! And
even just dating guys, not going out with them, u know?
hehe :) but ya, I'm pretty mad at Timmy right if
what he is telling me is true, then he lied to me a few
times, and I don;t appreciate that at all...GRR guys make
me mad...why can;t they just show their emotions?? It's not
that big of a deal! Stupid boys! :0 lol I think I'm gonna
call Timmy again today and just be like what is your
problem?? I need to know what he is thinking but he won;t
tell me!! I don;t get it...we used to be able to tell each
other everything....he says he doesn;t care that we broke
up, but if that;s true then why can;t he be my friend
again?? And also, why can;t he talk to me like he used to?
Obviously, it effected him somehow... I need to know all of
this stuff!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! lol but w/e I'll try to call
him... I better get going now, ttyl bye bye ~Rach~

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