They Say Vision
2002-05-03 18:29:02 (UTC)

Last Night!

Yea last night was fun! we (eryn, me and kristen) went to
roadkill! yea.. it usally doesn't get packed.. or the last
3 million times i went it wasn't packed.. well i take
back.. 2 weeks ago it was packed.. but yea.. anyways.. so
we danced and stuff! yea.. i had to pee like 10 million
times.. not kidding.. seriously i did! eryn is really purty!
i told her that like i dunno.. a hundred times.. i feel
stupid when i say it.. but i only speak the truth!!!
Kristen is kewl too! me and kristen kinda went out back in
the day! we just dated and when i met jen i kinda stopped
talkin to kristen.. ok wait.. she stopped talkin to me!
yea.. but we are now good freinds.. and i don't even see
her as my ex g/f.. she is awsome! My old crush showed up
too.. her name is jessica.. yea.. she is cute.. but...
i don't see her like that anymore.. besides i have heard
some fucked up shit about her.. but i am not the kind of
person to listen to rumors... But yea.. she needs a happy
meal! she is to damn skinny! But back to eryn.. she is
beautiful!!!! today i am going to stormy's to stay till
next saturday! maybe longer who knows.. But eryn is gonna
be there and thats all that matters.. me and eryn never
really woke up together.. cause either i leave or she
doesn't sleep in the same bed.. but we won't go into that..
so this will be the first time! tomarrow we are going to
the Gay prom.. i went last year.. but didn't have a date..
this year i do! YEAH! i am stupid.. yea.. i feel like i
have more to say.. but i know i don't.. umm.. SEX!!!!
yea.. that and uh.. more SEX!!!!! i have no idea what the
hell i am writing about so i am gonna go.. i will talk to
you people later..
"it's gettin hot in here so take off all your cloths"