No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2002-05-03 17:54:34 (UTC)

dum dum dooby dum

well as u can see i havent written in a very long time.
unless uve been here before u prolly havent noticed that i
deleted most of my previous entries. a lot has happened
since march. i do not feel the need to write it all out at
the moment. the things i do feel compelled to tell u (w/o
going into detail) are as follows:
~im no longer speaking to nicole (my 'bff' of 5 yrs)
~i was with alex but that ended
~im no longer a virgin
~i had a slight scare and then talked to god...we worked
everything out
~joann is no longer a friend and she no longer works at the
library...alas, our first ever withdrawal from LPS
~i went out with john best for 3 weeks...needless to say,
he was an immature asshole and for reasons unknown to me, i
thought i liked him (i guess mayabe laura was right in
saying it was a rebound thing)
~laurie and her brother keith moved back to fl...
~ive been sick for the past week
~me and mare were involved in a slight car accident leaving
taco bell this past wednesday ($3300 worth of damage to my moms
car) oops :-)
~i created a website but gave up on it
~the last time we went to taco bell (a week ago yesterday)
i got into an altercation with 3 assholes (looong
story) ...i suppose taco bell just isnt very good luck for
~craig got a job at taco bell (the reason we've been going
there so much) thanks to jason (a very sweet guy...those
seem pretty hard to find nowadays)
~prom is tomorrow *tear* and i dont get to go just bc i
have bad luck w/guys
~i had an epiphany yesterday: it seems i like being
used...the only way to explain my history with guys/friends
thats all for now.
have a nice life