The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-05-03 15:23:48 (UTC)


AHHH thats right Ladies and gentlmen! Tommorow Liby, Mary,
and I have SAT's ick i am definalty not looking forward to
that! oh boy!...FIGHT THE INK POWER!!! Libby, "How
does that make you feel?" well Ashley dont
forget we have a Tanning Appt. today at 3:30 and i plan on
making sure that i GET OUT before you..ah
hahahhahahaha!!!...ok well i am atempting to write
something, but i dont know!! oh well ok well i have to do
this i am sorry, but i am just wondering who reads thiss
diary thing soooo i have TO DO THIS, if you read my diary
thing can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond to me and let me
know, just so i know on a basic level who reads this diary
thing and that i am not just talking to myself every time i
write in this thing!..Thank you
~love ya!