My Life.............
2002-05-03 15:03:11 (UTC)

Im so Happy..:) :)

Hopefully ill be with Bobby tonight, i love him so much,
and tomorrow we are supposed to go to the races, i cant
wait, im so happy when im with him..:)
Tuesday night we went to the O, there was a girl there who
used to date Bobby and still likes him, she was making
comments to me as we left the bar, and my sister said she
was doing her best to get bobbys attention but he wasnt
paying any attention to her, yea he did talk to her a few
times, but, he says they are just friends, but, apparently
she wants more than that.. I felt bad because of the things
she was saying to me, but, now i figure, shes just a slut
and bobby is with me not her, and the things like my weight
dont bother bobby, he remembers when i was really huge and
hes seen how much ive lost, that makes me feel really
good.:) I know i look alot different than what i used to, i
know how far ive come and so does bobby.:)