Mysterious Attitude
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2001-06-02 19:45:00 (UTC)

Mon. May 28- Fri. June 1, 2001

I haven't wrote for bout a week... But I have been so busy
and sick that I have't had the chance to... I'm goin to try
and remember what happened... it may not be in order... but
ohh well... lol..

~~~Mon, Tues,and Wens~~~~

Pretty much all these dayz were the same... I went to
school... and came home and talked to Jack... and one of
the dayz Ricky had called me.. and he asked me to send him
my picture online.. I was like aight.. so I did.. and he
didn't like it.. so he started to lie and tell me that he
was 18 and all this shit... ohh well.. I don't need him....
umm... let's see... I think that was bout all that was
important... boring i know... but hey.. we all have them
kind of days now right?¿

~~~Thursday May 31,2001~~~

I had my choir concert at school today... we sang Motown
songs... and we all were dressed in 70's clothes .. it was
so fun... I danced my butt off... lol... When I came
home.. I was soo tired... and I got mad at my mom and went
to bed at..like 7pm... lol... but I woke up at like 9
sumthing... and Jack paged me... we talked for a lil
while.. and he told me he would call me back.. he did call
me back.. and we were talkin bout all kindz of things...
and sumhow we got on the subject of past
gurlfriends/boyfriends.... and he just came out to say..
that he really liked me... I was like.. ok in which way? He
was like... in everyway... I didn't know what to say to
him... cuz he already knew that I like him also... So he
went on to say.. sumthin like.. that he wants us to be more
then friendz... and I guess I could say.. sorta go out...
and he asked me what I thought bout that... I was like... I
think that is a really good idea and that is what I
wanted!!! After that.. he was talkin romantic and sweet to
me.. I felt like I was in heaven... Then he had to go.. so
I was like aight.. goodnight sweet dreams.. and he was like
where is the I love u?¿ I started to laugh and said.. I
love u.. he was like come on now.. that wasn't from the
heart... lol I said I love u again... and he was like I
love u more... and I was like nope.. I love u more.... lol
we just kept sayin that we loved each other more.. until we
hung up... As I think bout it... I remember him tellin me
that he wasn't goin to use the words I love u for a gurl..
until he knew a lot bout her and that she wouldn't hurt
him.. cuz it seems like everytime he used them on his
former gurlfriends.. they broke up or sumthin.. I was like
so happy... bout all that he said... but I also felt bad
cuz I have John... damn I'm bein a total player now.. and I
hope he don't find out.. cuz I don't want to hurt him....
cuz I love him.. but I also love Jack... I dunno.. its soo
hard when u like to people isn't?? I went to bed at like
2:00 that night... still happy... and glad cuz of what

~~~Friday June 1,2001~~~

At school today was a dress down day.. so I wore my blue
jeans with the writings on them.. and my fat albert
shirt.. hehe and everyone seemed to like them... I walked
into art class.. and like 3 of the boyz were like.. none of
u all gurls are dressed like Helena is... she is bling-
bling lol... and I noticed that all day people were starin
me down... lol... Then after school I came home.. and got
online to check my mail.. I talked to a few people.. then I
called Jack at like maybe...8..we talked on and off... cuz
he had to keep goin.. but he called me back each time..
and I think the last time we talked was at bout 10.... I
was fallin asleep tho.. so he may of called me back durin
that time.. but I dunno.... I got online at like 11.. and I
talked to John.. and we cybered... hehe and I went to bed
at like.. 1:30... and that's bout all I guess... I have
fianlly caught up on my diary... I dunno if i remembered
everything... but hey.. the most important things I did..
so I guess I will go now.. bye bye