2002-05-03 12:44:15 (UTC)

Working Out vs. Making Out and My Class and New Yorkers

What the fuck is it with people in my class, and kids from
New York City. Look at this
Rita- Boyfriend, West side new york
Howie- Ex-girlfrien, riverside drive
Me- Major Major Crush- East 79th St.
Arielle- Crush- Riverside Drive
Mindi- Someone she's likes and they like her- Somewhere NY
Now remember there are only 12 of us so that this many
people that a big percentace of the class.
I'm going to workout today, and you know even though I've
never been kissed, I'd rather work out then make-out why I
wonder....because if u make-out with someone, and u don't
like them isn't it a waste. So I'd rather workout today,
then makeout with anyone anytime. Tonight I want to go to
the movies see either Life or Something Like It OR
Spierman. But then I might stay home and watch Game 5 of
the Celtics. I love Elliot.. even so.. i would have to wait
a while to kiss himm ( well like 5 days) but think of this
I have seen him since July 23rd last year and i still have
a big of crush on him then as know...please help me and
write to me to let me now ur out there.. Good Moring Lonely