My lonely and sad world, spilled out on
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2002-05-03 06:42:41 (UTC)

The show must..... go on

Wow, well first of all to all of you whom will read this,
thank you for reading the weird off-the-wall-things that
are me. First of all I am a FtM pre-op transgendered
person, so if that offends you, read no further! Next, the
title for this entry is because I went to my high school's
(the one I graduated from) play tonight, and wow, was it a
new experience! Don't get me wrong, I've been doing
theater for over 10 years now, but tonight was all new! I
must explain myself a little though, I am a terrible
flirt! I flirt with anyone and everyone I can, but only if
I know them pretty well, and I think they would be cool
with it. Well, I met this girl, I will call her Ms. DS for
DAMN SEXY! I met her about a year or so ago when she was
in color gaurd with my brother. I thought she was gorgeous
from the moment I laid eyes on her! She was beautiful, and
she has these eyes that just draw you in! I couldn't help
myself but flirt with her! Well, a couple weeks ago she
and I (and Kevin) went to the movies together, (call it a
date, I do!) and it was kinda awkward because Kev was
there, (I still love you Kevin!) but it was fun all the
same! I called it a date, and she said that there was
something there, but that her parents forbade her from
dating me, (she is still living at home, and going to High
school) and I understand their (her parents) need to
protect her, but at the same time I have done nothing to
make them hate me! Anyway, a few days after the date she
was going steady with a close friend of Mine Adrian. I
love the kid to death, and I must again apologize to him,
because he didn't know that she and I had gone on a date,
and then he started seeing her and it was a big old
miscommunication so, SORRY ADRIAN!!!! Anyway, I still
really like this girl, and everytime I see her, I have to
really restrain myself from kissing her, because I really
want to! I want to know what her lips taste like, and I
want to share that bonding with her. I think she's
wonderful, she's smart, and funny, and a real badass when
she needs to be! But she also has that crazy, sexy, cool
thing going you know? She wears the dresses sometimes, and
she looks damn good in them! I guess, I need to just take
a cold shower and stop wanting her so bad, but its so
hard! Anyway, enough rambling from me for now, I will
write again soon!

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