2002-05-03 06:17:58 (UTC)


My Misty! Has a nice ring to it don't you think? I once
met a girl named Misty from East Pictou Rural High School
back in grade 8 during a summer camp at St. FXU for the
first and second aggregates of every grade 8 class of each
school in Pictou County. Now I'm leaving St' FXU after
studying here for 6 long years and I'm going out with an
amazing girl - and her name happens to be Misty. They are
the only two I've ever known. I had a crush on the first,
but I love my Misty. I miss her so much... I can go to
her soon though. That will take some strain away for us.
Long distance sucks so bad. She had a hard day today and
had a hard time getting a hold of me all day and last night
so it ended up in her feeling like I didn;t want to talk to
her or that she needs to make an appointment because she
had such a hard time getting a hold of me and doing so
while company hadn't dropped in. I hope she was juust
stressed and doesn't really feel this way down underneath.
I would have to be a very terrible person to not want to
talk to the single most important person in my life, or to
make her feel alienated or not at the very top of my
priority list. I don;t want her to feel like that, but I
don't know what I did? I never made any choices that were
based on me favoring anything going on here to her did I?
Fight this paranioa?? Misty

when it comes down to it
nothing else really matters to me but us
am I bad for you?
am I bad to you?
noone and nothing can compare to the feeling you give me
when I look into those eyes and see you staring as if to
say "I love you" and I feel like I will be waking up and
going to sleep beside you, facing everything the world has
to offer.

Sometimes your temper flares and I am affraid that it means
that I'm not good enough - a burden - selfish -
inconsiderate - something - I just feel like I must have
done something wrong. I'm sorry if I did.

I'm trying so hard to be rational.


I love you
I will be back soon
So let's show a little patience for the time were are about
to get to share. It will be right here for you soon. I am
right here for you always. Always remember that. I love