2002-05-03 06:00:00 (UTC)

huh? what's this? who are you?

Do I know you? You sound familiar miss "You need not know
who I am" - miss "BrokenHeart". Do you know me?

I don't know how to feel when I read your message. My
first reaction was "awe thank-you, that was so nice", and I
left to write this entry about it. By the time the page
loaded I started feeling a little too familiar. My
instinct or paranoia guised as instinct began to say "oh,
my, god... Breezy is reading my diary and is trying to
anonymously lend a positive sentiment to boost my mood
because she either thinks that if I knew who it came from
it would not possibly have any positive effect and by going
anonymous could have the goal accomplished and that would
be in line with the side of her that was entirely paraniod
of the worst possible scenario being acted over in her by
her other side that I once saw - a genuinely good person
trying to do the best they can under the conditions she
has to interact with reaility through... or am I the one
who is just so paranoid myself now that I construct a way
to not be capable of accepting a compliment or form of
encouragement? The phrasing was dramatic - almost like how
Breezy can get when she is acting out - or how Jade could
get when she was just real and leveling with herself over
something - or my sister Erin when she helps people - or
how Misty could get just because she cares about me and had
a hard day herself...

I can't place my finger on it apparently, but my sixth
sense and/or paranoia is cranked

So for first instincts and probability

Thanks stranger
You are a very nice person ^_^