Keara's Journal
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2001-06-02 18:43:16 (UTC)

Shows are Fun

Last night I went to Drifters to see Drexel and others (Dow
Jones, Wiseguy..) I went with Shannon, Tara, Mandy, Kristen
and Sarah. Fun. "In God We Trust" what they hell is that?
I certainly don't follow that. Anyways, cool people were
at Drifters. -Jim- What were you doing? I got many strange
looks from you, son. -Daniel- You ate my food! Flaunt the
cashmoney, yo.
I was disapointed that 'hot hot man' was not in attendance,
Tara. We all were. I am getting kicked off AIM now. Junk.
Oh well, people who I was talking to, sorry, kids. I am
tired, got some new clothes today. Shopping was fun for a
change, I went with my mommy. Yes.
I have the most hideous hair ever. It needs help. Have a
nice day.

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