Reality Bites
2002-05-03 05:05:07 (UTC)

28 days til summer....

Seems like an appropriate title concitering that's ALL of
what's been going through my mind today. Today. Lets see,
today was alright, the weather sucked but other than that
it was cool. I was in a bad mood in math which was wierd
cause Luke's in that class and we always have a lot of fun,
but today it was last and I was just in a bad mood.

I'm SO glad tomarrow's Friday, me and Mia are going with
Gabe after school to get him a tux for prom. Then Mia and I
are gonna come down to my house and chill, then go to the
gym then meet the guys and go to a movie or party or

Oh did I mention Jesse, who might I add is a FRESHMAN is
going to prom?!? lol It was such a big ordeal for him to
handle homecoming and that was mind you with my help...How
he thinks he's going to be able to survive prom, with the
super slut who asked him is beyond me. All the older guys
already kick his ass all the time because he's so cute that
the girls in my class and older love him...him going to
prom is going to piss them off like no other. I'm just glad
I'm over him cause if I wouldnt that would make me
mad...when his other ex-girlfriend Kaylie told me, we both
couldn't stop laughing cause he's just...young. Anyways
enough about Jesse.

I'm not going to prom. I got asked twice but I just don't
really want to--not in a promish mood I guess. I went to 2
last yr. as a freshman and they were fun, but I just dont
feel like it. I still have next year and the year after to
go and I don't want them to be special so I dont wanna go
to too many. My friend Matt's coming down that weekend from
college and he's gonna stay with me!! He's such a cutie.He
promised he'd make it a fun weekend! And Mia's staying at
my casa for two weeks this month and prom just happens to
be in those 2 weeks so I'll help her get ready & stuff and
then everyone decided to meet at my house. (did I ask them
to? lol NO they just decided themselves haha) That's cool
tho, they tryed so hard to get me to go,and when I said I
wasn't going to finally they said they were pissed 4 awhile.

Lets see, I have more to say, but it's 8, and I have like 3
hrs. of homework to do, so I'll write later! xoxox