Random Insanity

Stumbling On Reality
2001-06-02 17:50:20 (UTC)

First Day of Summer

Oh god! it's my first day of sumer and the skies are all
clouded over and there is absolutely nothing to do. I have
already atrated my summer reading, The required book for this
year is aobut the childhood of a girl that is growing up in a
harem. Not the sex driven harem, the kind where wealthy men
hold their wivesso that other men can not get to them. It's
quite interesting. The main character is a young girl and she
is trying to define what a harem actually is to her. She
lives in the city where her father and uncle have to build
walls to keep their wives safe while her grandfaher lives out
in the country and so his wives do not have to have walls to
keep them in. but Her grandmothers can go ride in the fields
and climb tress and have tea served in the trees. It is
interesting at times but there are also the times when it is
extremely boring. But you need the boring parts if you want
to understand everything. I have this really bad feeling that
this summer is going to be a very long and boring one and
that I'm going to actually want to go back to school. My best
friend in the whole wide world is going to Arizona to liver
with her dad for the summer. I could have gone with her but
my parents said that i couldn't so we are both realy bummed
out. nothing more to say... god this is going to be one
boring summer!!!