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2001-06-02 17:49:40 (UTC)

Bad Religion

I was in a discussion with Charlie about my ideas and
philosophies on punk rock. She said she found it
interesting, but I could tell she was bored. Charlie was
shocked that I bought a rap CD. I only bought it because I
totally believe in supporting your friends in whatever they
My friend J-DoGG (Jerry) made a rap CD. I think that's
great that he's following a dream he has, so I bought one.
It was only $5 too because I'm a friend. I've been
listening to it inbetween Sick Shift, Bad Religion, and
Pennywise. I actually like it.
Since I've last updated this diary, I've borrowed my
grandpa's electric Fender Ultra. It's so sweeeet. I've been
playing it a lot. So much that Ray and I broke a string.
And I broke a second string trying to tune it. It's all
good though. Aww crap. I just remembered that I keep
forgetting to ask Mark for a blank CD. I want one so I can
get a copy of Bad Religion "Generator" from Nathan.
Well I'm out. Bye²
- Dustin Snider
Owner and Creator of Incredible Space Monkey Central

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