a freak with a heart
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2002-05-03 02:48:23 (UTC)

Soooooooooooo bored!

i am so unbelievably bored. i have done nothing all day.
i stayed home today cause my throat has been really
bothering me again, i think i might need my tonsils out!
and i haven't been sleeping again cause of this damn
insomnia and he fact that im nocturnal so i've been so
dead, and i couldn't take it another day, then even more
tired go to school tomorrow and sit through 2 major test
that i need A's on or im SOL. So i really need all the rest
i can get and as little stress as possible. i've been
sitting here home all day doing nothing at all, and im
bored to DEATH. to make things worse i haven't talked to
jeremy more then 17 minutes today. he was out all day, so i
haven't gotten to talk to him. and at 9 when i do get to
talk to him he's feeling sick and really shitty in his
words so i told him o just go and lay down. sooooo i've
been sitting here watching tv for an hour, lol and crying
at every sad thing on tv. shows you how i get when im alone
and bored and don't want to be now doesn't it???


oooooh and you wont guess what i've been going through.
to start off with some good news..... im finally off the
medicine completely, no more it's gone im back to myself
finally YAY!!!!! ok whats next...umm oh yeah im not going
ot New Mexico. lol after everyone going back and forth on
this it finally comes down to me not going. but im ok with
i cause i will go his summer, and instead all my friends
and i are going o Dorney Park for the day, now that i
needed even more. just a day out wih ALL my friends. i
can't wait lol, im so excited. ok whats next ooh yeah i
made a big mistake, Dillion and i have gotten ot become
really good friends and i've been talking to him and about
him more then i was before and it started to get to jeremy.
he biggest part that got to him was the fact that i wrote a
short entry about dillion the day he cut his hair cause i
was so shocked. well that really got to him. you know i
understand how it would upset him and all but it kinda hurt
me cause i still don't think he trust me to have dillion as
a friend. but he's gotten better about it and i stopped
talking about dillion as much as i can. well i better stop
talking about him now or jeremy might get upset again cause
im talking about dillion to much and not enough about him
and i really do not want to start anything. sooo moving
on...let me see what else has changed...nothing i think!
everything else is just pretty much the same!

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