Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-05-03 02:08:32 (UTC)


Ya know how in internet surveys they always ask whats
the worst feeling ever.... well I have officially
expirienced it, THANK YOU GOD for squishing my hopes and
killing me slowly from the inside out...

The worst feeling in the world:

To be falling madly in love with someone and they dont
realize it, but they still care, then reality suddenly
sneaks up upon you, and as you are still falling, you
happen to hit a big FAT tree branch. I suppose its right,
its not the speed of the fall, its the sudden stop. Man,
its like you are being torn aparts, all of your vital
organs ripped from you by way of your belly button.

Yes God, you have decieved me again. I figured
everything would be falling into place now, and instead I
am just falling.... I am going to go insane, I can feel
something inside of me twitch, and slowly I am getting
weaker and weaker, while holding back my tears, and truth.
If I do suddenly snap, and you happen to be around, I am
sorry, I am SO sorry, and if I cry, just tell me to suck it
up and drink some water.... I gotta go...