ainosenshi69 (soldier of love)

My boring life...
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2002-05-03 02:00:22 (UTC)

Thursday, May 2nd

Ok, um, let's see, nothing special really happened today.
I really hope I do go clubbin either tomorrow or Saturday
night. I haven't went in three weeks, and I think it's
time for me to go back. All I need now is some money. I
wish I had my license back. Damn, I'm so superficial, lol.

My family is on Day 2 of the "diet" to lose weight, and
damn the portions are too small. My parents still make fun
of me because I'm thin, but hell i rather be thin than
fat. Being fat sucked, and I'm not going to revert back to
having a gut.

I'm happy that my friend and I made up after a totally
retarded remark yesterday due to my lack of common sense
that I possess sometimes. That and the fact that he is
actually going to be in a band, and now he has a boyfriend,
too. Lucky bastard, lol.

Musicwise, I downloaded a couple of other songs from this
Eurodance group E-Rotic. God, I love that group. And
nope, no DDR or PPP for me today :-(.