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2002-05-03 01:53:51 (UTC)

Stupid Computer

Stupid computer. I was trying to make an outline for
history. It completely screwed up the indentation and
numbering. I would have it look like this:
and so on, with II's and B's and 2's and b's, etc.
It tried to use different sizes, italics, bold, and also
tried to change the numbering. It's trying to be
intelligent and guess what you want. With automatic
capitalization (which is helpful), if you delete the
capital letter and retype it, it stays lower case. That's
nice. It tries to help, and if you don't want it, you
don't have to take it. Not so in this case. It would not
allow me to change it. That old hatred of Windows
returned. I found myself making that noise Yosemite Sam
makes before he says "I hates that rabbit!". (If it's any
consolation, I hates that rabbit too.) [JOKE!] I don't
watch a lot of cartoons, but I thought that described the
sound. Later, an error popped up that said something about
low system resources and I should close some programs. All
I had open was Word. Eventually, it let me save my file so
I could close Word. I liked the old (3.1) Windows. I
mean, I like the Start menu, but I liked the art that came
with the old one. I know there were other reasons I liked
it, but I can't think of them right now. There were not a
lot more or less errors, but they were more interesting.
They often included some gibberish that probably meant
something, but not to most people. It would say something
like: A fatal exception has occurred at
239475HTIO92Q37. Please restart.

Twice, I got one with some text that I don't remember and
an OK button. If you moved your mouse close to the button
to click on it, the button moved away from it. Quoting
Dave Barry, I am not making this up. I tried to move the
mouse across it quickly and click it before it could
escape, but I wasn't fast enough. A friend tells me that
he got this once, and managed to click it this way. I tried
to trap it in a corner, and after a few tries with it
escaping to one side, I finally had it trapped. It jumped
to the opposite corner. Eventually, I restarted. By the
second time it happened, I had used a laptop a lot. It was
the kind with the trashy trackball that would stop at an
invisible line and refuse to cross it until you moved it
around a lot. I had gotten tired of this and learned most
of the keyboard controls. As a result, the second time
this happened, I knew how to get rid of it and pressed
enter. As I remember, it didn't completely freeze up after
that. Now I wish I hadn't done that. That was too
boring. I should have chased it around a while. By the
way, If anyone else has seen this error message, please
tell me. Use the "Send feedback to" button at the bottom
of this entry. Wow, long entry.