This mess of mine.
2001-06-02 15:44:54 (UTC)

3rd June 2001

I am feeling ok today. We went to Kris' and Geoff's place
for dinner and it all went well. Chris even came lol.

I have been spending days at a time in my room just trying
to be away from ppl. It is not that I am particularly
sadder than usual or anything, or have a problem with the
ppl it is just wanting to be around minimum ppl. And CHris
is staying with us atm so there is like 5 ppl in the house
minimum, and there is always someone over here...
I really want to have a me and kev day. Just us doing
something together with no deadlines and no-where else to
I am going to attempt to go to skool tonight and if we have
the net on I will keep you posted on whether I actually do
go or not. Centrelink have found out that I havent been for
about 2 months and they arent happy at all!

Well that is all for now. I am not particularly emotional
at this point in time so it isn't very interesting. :P