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2002-05-03 01:06:45 (UTC)


Right now I'm at Jessi's and I'm taking silly tests on

The Gender Test determined that I'm 86% Woman.

Jessi was sitting in her closet for a minute, but now she's
gonna take the Gay test with me.

I am 33% GAY!
That's gayer than average for someone of your gender and
supposed orientation. The typical straight female is only
32% gay!

I am
Wyld Chylde
(Perverse Spoiled Dysfunctional Child)
The little guy in you loves to rock, for it is The Wyld
Chylde, running wild. Otherwise known as a PSDC, your inner
child can't sit still for more than a second and hence,
neither can you. You jump around and yell and stuff-- most
of the time breaking things, people and places.
Finding a normal life with the "Chylde" in tow can be hard.
He tends to flame out early on or, even worse, melt into a
smooth jazz/worldbeat balladeer after years of soul
searching and heavy self-medication.
But don't change a thing-- enjoy the ride, for it will be