The jerk files
2002-05-03 01:01:47 (UTC)


Hello, and how are you? i am just fine. Everything is
going ok over here on this side of the computer. I am
feeling a little,..(what's the word?) apathetic. I am just
really tired, that's all. We are preparing for this big
west coast conference. It's going to be in 8 more days.
Woopie. Well, only 52 more days until graduation. (yes i AM
counting.) There's alot of stuff to do until then though.
I am preching in class in two weeks. I am not nervous yet
but i know i will be. Alot of stuff has happened to me
between last entry and this one. I can't really mention
it. Well alot of crapola happened. I didn't go home to my
homeopeners' to help them clean up. (forgot) i was at a
pizza party. It's ok though, because i got in alot of
trouble when i got home. Then the next monday, i went with
Mike (cuz) Eli, nic,josh and isaac to the park to play with
them. I don't think they had too much fun. We didn't have
money to get them stuff. Last night everyone went out to
baskin robbins to get free scoops. Then we all went to Jack
in the box to eat. It was wonderful.
Today, Tony,me and mikes all went to the pick and pull
to get crap for the stomp routine for west coast. We got
alot of cool, free stuff. Yeah anyways...i have to go.

tugging my ear,