Meshed Up
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2002-05-03 01:01:32 (UTC)


things are not what they seem. in me that is...things are
never what they seem. i may smile but in reality i am
irritated. i may seem close to a person but in fact, i am not
exactly that person's fan. i may look angry but i am just
amusing myself in seeing how people will react.

and just because i do not like a person doesn't mean i hate
him or her. dislike and hate are two very different things.

two of my compositions were published in our batch
anthology. and it just amused me that the person in charge
of the anthology took my works for poetry because they
weren't poetry. they were prose.

so i tried reading them as if they were poems. well..i
suppose it wasn't that difficult. almost everything in this
world is poetry. my life can be a poem. your life can be a
poem... because poems are everything that exists, everything
that happens, everything that matters ... and do not matter.

i can write a poem now just by uttering words. they do not
need to rhyme. rhyming isn't one of the factors that define
a good poem. what defines a good poem is the soul poured
into it.

i am a poem. you are a poem. we all are poems. we have our
own stories to tell, our own spirits to pour into someone
else's ear.

'and still in his sense, pouring his arms around her,
he embraced the girl and breathing hard,
released a quick rush of blood,
bright red on her cheek glistening white.
and there he lies, body enfolding body...
he has won his bride at last, poor boy,
not here but in the houses of the dead.'

-- Messenger

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