All About Me
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2002-05-03 00:29:12 (UTC)

Something Strange

Hey everyone this is my first time writing anything so
sorry if i tend to say alot. Lol.

to start off i am a 9th grader. i live in california. and i
am 15 yrs. old.

today started off slow. i am doing testing so skool has
been more complicated then usual. anyway, like i said it
started off very slow. nothing out of the usual happened. i
went to class and at lunch i did the same ol` thing with my
friends. nothin nasty for all u freaks. lol. we sat in the
same spot, ate the same thing, talked about the same info.
like i said nothing out of the unusual. after skool we did
the same thing...wait for the bus. but today it got
exciting for a change. my friend, krystal was letting her
friend drive her car and she was getting ready to reverse
and drive off. well something wasnt right and the car went
forward instead of backward. she ran right into the car in
front of her and made a BIg dent. they drove off right
after that. they didnt tell the other car owner that they
were the ones who hit his car. i guess i will have to wait
tomorrow to see whats going to happen. i will write back
soon with more info. not like you are dying to know. lol.


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