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2002-05-02 22:56:41 (UTC)

Good bye

I think I won't be posting here anymore. The diaries I've been reading here isn't all that inspiring. I don't mean
to offend anyone here. It's a fact that our generation in this country is : pessimistic, shallow, cynical, skeptical,
self-absorbed. And what saddens me most is the self-satisfaction of remaining this way.

I noticed the ones living in other countries are more aware of what's really out there in the world, rather than
being self-absorbed into their own insecurities. Don't blame yourselves. It's just the consumer environment
we're raised under taught us to be narcissistic. It is sad what became of our generation.

LOL. I don't think anyone reading this will get what I just said. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I just need to
say what I needed to say. Well this is just my opinion. Take care.

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