2002-05-02 21:55:15 (UTC)

Cynicism Raises Its Ugly Head

Oh dear, oh dear, how easily cynicism can raise its ugly

I was reading the small local weekly newspaper when I came
across a very brief article announcing a new prize category
for the Pioneer Picnic's Quilt Show. The category is for a
red, white and blue quilt, no larger than 48 inches square.
There is about a month before the show which would give one
very little time to construct such a quilt. The first
thought I had was *Now who has already completed such a
quilt and is looking to garner a prize for it?* I can think
of one or two who might but oh, it's such an ugly thought
that I quickly wanted to put it out of my head!

I think I'll skip the quilt show this year and go to just to
the sheepdog trials. Dogs and sheep are so much less
devious--and cynical-- than their human counterparts.