female Christian Internet-addict

Codename: Hannah
2001-06-02 11:38:07 (UTC)


Hi all.
Whoever might read this, you're weird!
Why are you interested in my life?
but anyway, doesn't matter to me...
So, what should I tell you?
I'm a girl, from germany, just turned 18 a month ago. I'm
in 12th gradde so I have another year to go till I'm done
with school.
I was talking to my friend the other day and she was
like "When I start College next year..." and I was
like "WHAT? Next year?"
It's so crazy how time flies by!
On June 10th it'll be a year since I came home from my
exchange year in the US and it seems like I just left

Well, I became a Christian there, very much opposed by my
mom who thinks I was brainwashed and going through a
teenage phase.
i can assure you, I'm not. I'm perfectly normal, but I know
God now.
Maybe that's not normal, but it defenitely is nothing to
worry about! I'm thinking about going to a Bible College
for a while next year (after I'm done with school, Ahhhh!)
but I know my parents will want to kill me...
"How can you waste money on that?" "Do something useful!"
That's what my parents would say, and to be honest, I'm
scared of talking to them about it.

well, i gotta go now, I've been online for far too long
already. I'm an internet addict, did i tell you already?

Miss D.I.M