Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-05-02 20:45:39 (UTC)

I Drink A Lot Of Wine, When I...Am Alone.

And subsequently, these last few days have given me many a
full bottle on the sideboard. Its been all go, ladies and
gents, from top to bottom, to top to bottom. I've loved
every second of it.

Obviously, my work has dictated the better part of it, and
I was so glad to get it handed in this afternoon. So I
drank a bit of wine, had a nice bath, that kind of thing...

Yesterday was great. It was a mate of mine's 21st. And as
people do on 21st, he got more than a little drunk. That
came later - the evening started mid-afternoon with a round
of golf. You may remember similar plans for my birthday.
Well, we enjoy it, OK?

The onto a curry house for what was very nice, especially
since my housemate turned up with his korfball team - and
the gestures and other things that were being flung across
the room were quite tremendous.

Then just drank all evening. I'll paper over our 2-1 defeat
at Brentford. To see 9 months work going up in flames is
the lot of the football fan, and we all go through it. At
least we weren't embarassed - we have been before.

I left my mate comatose on his living room floor, with
bright red vomit all over his front doorsteps, having
covered him with a sleeping bag and a cushion, and supplied
water at ground level. Spot the person who has suffered
terrible hangovers in the past.

And then I woke up this morning to see that those wonderful
people at Timotei had sent me an e-mail with that
wonderfully attractive girl on the advert in it, so she
adorns my wallpaper along with quotes from Ed Harcourt and
Pavement - my favourite of which is very much from Apple Of
My Eye.

And that brings up to the present day. Bluudnefthook.
(blued - nuff - through minus the 'r' - k)

WILT? Train - Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)