Life of a not so normal girl
2002-05-02 20:32:21 (UTC)

We got the Spanish Teacher Fired

Per usual I come to you after I have had a most boring day
at school. Well not enitrely boring I guess. As any of my
classmates who are reading this know, we got the Spanish
teacher fired and now all the teachers are pissed at us
which totally sucks. I mean our calmest teacher was
flipping out at us today and it was scary. But than again I suppose
that most of our teachers have flipped out at us at one point in time
or another. There's this one teacher (KK if any of my classmates are
reading) that always flips out at us and I mean everyday. You see my
class has thiry-one people so hardly any of the teachers can control
us and it's really really scary. Ok so the spanish teacher flips on a
regular basis like every time we have her and she finally broke down
and said that she wouldn't teach our class anymore. Well she has
three other grades to teach and the school said that if she wouldn't
teach us per her contract than they would fire her. She refused to go
back and teach us and so she was fired. Now all the teachers in the
entire upper grades are entirely pissed at us. It's really
interesting to see how much we can piss someone out though. No one in
the history of SGS has ever been able to get a teacher fired but I
guess there's a first for everything.

My thought for the day : Diets are for loosers !!

J 10-T