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2002-05-02 20:07:14 (UTC)

A Cool and Quiet Spring Day

It's another cool and cloudy spring day. John and I ate a
comfort food lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and cream of
tomato soup. The sandwiches were cut in triangles. There
are some sandwiches which just taste better when they're cut
that way.

I'd picked a small bouquet of white lilacs for the dining
room table earlier. My second story bedroom in the house I
grew up in had lilac bushes under the windows and on warm
spring nights I'd open the windows and fall asleep to their
scent. I've loved lilacs ever since.

We listened to a Mozart symphony on the radio as we ate and
then John went to bed. He's working a 12-hour graveyard
shift tonight. The roofers are working on Jack Cochell's
house which is right behind ours so he put in earplugs.

When I went out to get the mail a little later I could hear
the sounds of children playing outside at the elementary
school, two blocks away. It made me smile.

The boys are at school, the laundry's caught up, the kitchen
is clean. I still need to make John's lunch for tonight and
dinner but the rest of the day is mine to do as I please.
I'm going to go for a short walk, work on the applique block
for the needlework bag I'm making and quilt a little.
Later, I'll drink a cup of hot sugared tea. Perhaps I'll
even take a nap.

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