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2002-05-02 19:31:49 (UTC)

spewage of thoughts unclear

Why cant day be from about 9:30 at night to about noon?
Lol. Those are the times Im most awake. Other than that,
Im trying to nap. Lol.

Gawsh, I swear JROTC will be the death of me, more
specifically 1SG. I dont think he realizes how much
pressure he puts on his cadets, Im the s-1/1SG right now.
Lol. So I get to do two jobs. I really dont mind it, but
when I have to do stupid stuff it bothers me. Like, I had
to make this form, for the final exam, part of it is cadet
challenge, and I had to put everyone in alphabetical order
and hole punch it and stuff... it doesnt sound like its as
hard as it was. It took me 45 minutes. Stupid alphabet.
Stupid Joey. Lol. I had to redo it once because I forgot
he was in my class period. Gawsh I cant wait til Im not a
first sergeant any more. Ive well earned the ability to be
able to sit in an air conditioned room for an hour and a
half each day. But Ill go crazy, because I like human
contact. Hopefully Ill have another staff memeber or
something in my class so I wont be all alone. I dont like
to be alone. I know, that makes no sense. But I hate
sitting in my room avoiding my mother. Okay, this bugged
me. Lisa, my older sister called. And I was talking to
her for awhile, and mom, in a really snobby fashion, asked
me every five minutes if Lisa wanted to talk to her, and Im
like, cant i talk to her for a little while? I finnaly
just got pissed, gave her the phone, and went into my
room. This was about 6. I didnt come out until 10, after
she had gotten drunk and went into her room. When shes not
drunk, I wish she was, then she isnt on my case, and I can
do whatever I want. Isnt that sad? I think it is. It
makes me sick. I make me sick.

See what happens when Im alone? Lol. Thought. The most
evil of all that is evil.

I have an oragami bird in my hair. Dont ask, I dont know.
Lol. I just thought it was cool, so i had someone bobby
pin it in my hair. Its been there all day. *grin*

Today is national day of prayer. *feels a twinge of
guilt* *wishes she was a better christian*

I needs to talk to marie. Im going to email her.

Anyways, Matt, marie and huggles, I love you.