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2002-05-02 19:16:26 (UTC)

All About Me

I found this in someone elses journal, and I thought it was
cool, so I put it in mine, I hope she doesn't mind.

In the last 24 hours, have you...

Cried? Yes

Laughed? Yup

Helped someone? I dunno, but I hope so

Bought something? Yes, a bag of Chex Mix with Jessi's 50

Dissected something? If my brain counts as something

Drank? Last Saturday at a wedding I did, but it was only a
little bit of wine and that wasn't in the lasst 24 hours

Cut your hair? Nope

Missed someone? I constantly miss someone, but I'm working
on it

Told someone you love them? Yes

Hugged someone? Uh Huh

Fallen in love? I've been "falling" for about a month

Met someone new? Yea, last night at church

Felt stupid? Extreamly (when I tried to lie to Alia about
ditching her class

Talked to someone you have a crush on? Yes, but it's much
more then a crush :)

What CD is in your CD player right now? Alicia Keys

Favorite Disney Character? I have a couple my favorite
princess is Sleeping Beauty, but the princess that i AM is
Moulan. My favorite Disney animal is probably the cheshire
cat, but the other one is Nala (Zack calls me Nala eyes). I
also really like Tinkerbell, simply because she's a pixie
and because she has a funny attitude towards things.

Favorite Movie? Moulin Rouge! But I like lots of others
too. The Lion King, Center Stage, Romeo and Juliet, Save
the Last Dance, The Princess Bride. Man, if I sat here and
tried to name them all I'd be sitting here for a very very
long time.

Favorite TV shows? 7th Heaven, Friends (I know I know),
Gilmore Girls, Lizze Maguire (Zoe!)

Love affairs? YEa, see past entries

Dream date with? With? Zack, where is the question I want
to answer. I'd love to go to dinner at the resaurant that
Mikes wedding was at in Corona Del Mar and then go run
around on the beach with him, wow, that'd be awesome!

Favorite slurpy flavor? Wild Cherry all the way!

Favorite fast food? Fast? um... Subway

Favorite Sport? Dance, I don't do anything else, But I like
watching basketball and hockey too

Favorite animal? Hmmm... I like lions, tigers, any animal
from the feline family (cats rule and dogs drool! Hee hee)
But I love all animals

What room is your computer in? My computer at home is in
what will soon be the "study" but I'm not on my home
computer I'm on the comp in the ROP lab at school

What color is the carpet in that room? I think it's Blue,
but it has so much crap all over it, I can't rememeber.

What is the outfit you wear the most? The most, hmmm... I
try not to wear any one outfit all the time, but I wear
Jeans and Tank tops (my aqua blue one with the funky
straps) a lot i guess.

What is your shoe size? 8

What is your biggest turn on? Mmmm... cuddling, I have this
thing about my belly and my neck too

Turn offs? Uhh... guys who smoke/do drugs

What's on your mousepad? TriCitiesROP (the one at home is
just blue)

Favorite sound? Zack singing :)

Favorite smell? Coffee, Zacks hair :), The beach (in the
evening when people are having bon fires)

Worst feeling in the world? When you hurt someone and know
you can't make it better

Best feeling in the world? Knowing that you can be yourself

Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Hang out with my
buddies, Be with Zack, I like driving places with him,
Meeting new people (I've done a lot of that lately).

Favorite magazines? Hmmm... well, I read them, but I don't
like them, the media is too focused on outward apperances.
But I really like reading Zines (indie magazines) because
they focus on what the writer thinks and feels.

What is your job? I'm a high school student. I'm a slacker
and I don't have time for a job because I do to many art
activities. But I really really need a job because I have a
car to pay off and I like to spend money.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, what does
everyone want to be? A *STAR*! I'd love to one day get to
Broadway. But realistically, I'd like to be a musical
education teacher. I'm planning to major in Education and
minor in Vocal Performance and Musical theater next year at
Cal State Fullerton (if I ever get there).

What song describes you? hmmm... lots of songs. Wow, why
can't I think of one? There's a whole mess that describe
Zack and I, but I can't think of one that describes me.
That could be a bad thing, I'll get back to it.

What are your nicknames? Oh man, there's lots of these too!
Let's see... Laina, Lainy, Nala Eyes, Spazie, Silly girl,
Changita, little monkey (but that's Zack's pet name for
everyone),LainaLoo (uggg, my mother), Miscellaneous (My
grandpa), there's more, but I can think of them right now.

Rollercoasters? ::singing:: "Roller Coster of Love" I
love 'em!

Pen or pencil? Depends on what I'm doing. For writing it's
a pen. But for doodling or for taking notes on music, it's
gotta be a pencil.

How many rings before you answer the phone? Usually only
one, but if I can't find it (which is most of the time)
it's like 4 or 5. But 99% of the time, my phone doesn't
even ring because someone's always online or on the phone
already, so it just jumps right to the voice mail box.

Future sons names? Well, I've always liked the name Zachary
Issac, but I don't know what Zack thinks about that :)

Future daughters names? Calista Marie (According to Alia
I'm supposedly only going to have two kids, which is all I
want, a boy first and then a girl.

What's under your bed? Nothing, all I have is a matress on
the floor right now, but later it will be a desk (my new
bed is lofted).

Do you eat stems of broccoli? Yup yup yup

Humiliating Moment? Hee hee, a lot! This morning I fell up
the stairs, but caught myself before I fell down. The other
day, Zack and I were at the park (my little brother went
too) and we decided to run up this really steep hill I got
up there fine, but when we were coming down, Zack started
running, so I did too, but the hill was too steep and it
was slippry and I lost my footing and went flying down on
my stomach! When I finally stopped I looked up and Zack was
standing there laughing, but trying not to cuz he felt bad
that I fell, he was like "Babe are you okay? I told you not
to run." It was really funny. When we went to Six Flags
earlier this month (our "first date") I thought I was being
cute and I tried to pick him up on my back, but we ended up
flipping over and falling on the ground. We were in line
for X with a bunch of his friends. I felt really really
stupid! Hee hee, but it's okay.

When did you last?...........

Shower? This morning

Went out to party? I don't really go to parties, I like to
stay out of trouble

Fell over? This morning

Had a really good laugh with someone? The other day at the
park when I fell down

Watched a movie and what was it? Zack and I started
watching ZooLander the other night (i think it was Sunday)
but we didn't finish it cuz it was silly

Eaten a cherry? Well, that could be dirty, but I ate a
really cherry the other day when it was in my cherry coke

Are you a righty, lefty or ambidextrous? righty

When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you first
notice: Eyes, and the way they carry themselves

Are you tired? Constantly

Are you hungry? Nah

Are you eating? Well, I was eating Chex Mix, but it started
to taste funny, so I stopped

Are you really happy? Right now, I am. I'm absolutly in
love with the most amazing guy. But I'm not all the time. I
work on it.