2002-05-02 18:59:23 (UTC)

May 2nd, 2002...12:58

So much to write:

I FINALLY MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip hip hooray!!! Finally. We are officially living here as
of yesterday. The phone finally got hooked up so my bro
automatically assembled the computer together. It's
actually a good thing that they are into that whole
pimpwars thing. Cause it is because of that, that he hooked
it up. But let's start this story from the beginning:

I was suppose to call Teresa on Sunday but I couldn't. My
mom woke me up at about 8 or 9. The guy with the truck was
suppose to be there at 10, so we had to get everything
ready. When he finally got there, the whole place was a
mess. As usuall. But this time it was bigger. He examined
what should go first, second, last, and such, and then we
started moving stuff. Mainly it was just him, my brothers
and my dad. (Which afterwards, bozo was saying that he
carried the most of all of us. He's giving himself
too much credit.) Once everything was packed, piles of
trash were left behind. Some things weren't trash, we just
haven't gone through them yet. (The funny thing was that
most of the things laying about were bozo's things that he
SUPPOSABLY never had a chance to look through. What an
ass.) Practically all of my stuff was already on that
thing. Just some odds and ends needed to stay for now. We
took the stuff up here, and the whole tiny living room was
filled. (And there were still more things to come.)

My bro's and I were to pick up some food. We went to
Domino's pizza. Ordered an extravagenza large pizza, and
another large pizza that was SUPPOSE to be 1/2 meat lovers,
1/2 vegy lovers. They just ignored the whole veggied lovers
part and gave us a large, (which seemed to be a medium,)
extravagenza, and a Large (",) meat lovers. There was so
much meat on each of those pizza's that even though I was
real hungry, and there was no other food in the new house,
I had to waste so much time taking each and every meat
element on there. There were also bits and pieces of
something on that pizza. It was either cheese or meat. I
didn't know so I paid my bro to 2 $ to eat it and tell me
what it is. It was cheeze.

I was to stay in the new place. I wanted to. I still had a
lot of homework so I that was my excuse. I didn't do
homework though. I went to sleep just like Arthur. After I
divided up some of the furnature and such. (This didn't
take me long at all.) What things didn't belong in my room
went somewhere where they did belong. There wasn't much of
that but still. Then I tried to allign my furnature more or
less. I wanted to get my dresser one way, and my dad told
me it would be better another way. I didn't like the way he
was bossing himself around my room, but I said fine have it
your way. (This BK slogan is not affective in this form.)

When the rest of the family came back with some stuff we
put it anywhere and went back again. I wanted to be there
when we take kitty from the house. So we went and we took
him. He was freaking out. He had never been in a car
before. He is a coward, and is always scared of going
outside. He was miowing like crazy and even tried to escape
using anything. His claws, head NOSE. It bled because
during the trip he wanted to get out so bad.

We finally let him out in the pantry and he was almost in
shock. He hid behind the cooler, on the ending part of the
pantry and wouldn't come out. So we set up his stuff and
closed the thing. I started doing my homework and finished
at 2 in the morning. I was to get up in 4 hours to go to
school. I guessed that no matter how much I try I was gonna
be late.

I was. Came when there were 5 minutes left of 2nd period.

I started feeling real bad in French so I asked the teacher
can I go to the bathroom. (Almost missed it when she was
saying what homework we have.) I threw up. Felt better
afterwards though. Had some coffee and that boosted my
spirits. I was suppose to go home and learn my lines for
the play, but instead I started unpacking. I took care of
about 3 boxes, a huge bag where my clothes were. I'm
still not fully unpacked. I'm missing atleast one box and I
can't find it.

Since I was doing that, I went to sleep at midnight. I woke
up at about 7. Which I thought will get me late, but this
time, just like yesterday, time extended because both my
bro's had to get up, since they were gonna clean up the
other place and such. Since I was late I did my homework in
the remainder of 1st, since I didn't have enough time to
start anything, but just enough time to do my French. I
didn't learn my lines though. And that was bad. I had them
in my memory somewhat, but now fully. I had to refer back
to my script and I know I got points off because of that.

Everyone left the house when I came to finish with the
other apartment, since the next day we officially don't
live there anymore. It took them alot of time, so I took
advantage of being home alone. I wanted to do my mask
assignement for theatre so I did. (Mainly cause I found
some vasseline.) That took less time to dry then it said in
the instructions. I don't like the feel of vasseline on my
face though. Later I did some theatrical warm ups, worked
on articulation, (which reminds me, I gotta chew gum much
more often,) and on my lines. I started from the beginning
so I couldn't get the last 1/4th of the lines in my head
afterwards and I stopped. The guys came by with the
remainder of the stuff from my old apartment, and I had to
help them up.

Yesterday I got up just fine. The difference of getting to
school is about 15 minutes. Whatever I did in that house
has to be about 15 minutes faster, or sooner, in this
house. I finally got to school on time. That day was
boring. Which reminds me, I gotta go to call up some jobs.

This place where the computer got set up is very
uncomfortable, it has no room for a chair, and the
combination of food I ate just before is making me
nautious. MAY third is tomorrow. I wanna go cruising with
my friend. She's black but it doesn't matter cause she's
cool and she'll root for Poland. If anything, we'll start
saying that she's part Polish, but she doesn't speak it. I
think it'd be cool. Can't wait. But first I gotta do some
homework and today, since today there is no school cause of
report card pick up. Well I'm gonna buzz off now. Chow