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2002-05-02 18:49:21 (UTC)

Write Me - 10 quick facts about me

Please Just Read about my life and write to me about what
you think. Here are 10 quick facts about me
1) I'm Jewish
2) I'm 4'11
3) I'm in Love with a kid name Elliot
4) I wish I was smarter and preettier and skinner then I',
5) I have green eyes, the same glasses resse withspoon
wears in the Legally Blond.
6) Light Brown thick hair- with natural red and blond
7) I'm addicted to the computer
8)I like Dave Matthews Band, India.arie, and Alisha Keyes
9) I'm trying hard to get into a good high school
10) I want to live in New York City, and have a beautful
apartment that looks into central park, marry elliot, have
3 kids, be a star on Saturday Night Live. and live a long
happy life.

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