lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-05-02 18:41:27 (UTC)

welcome to the real world

ahhh last night i had the most awesome-beyond-awesome
dream. i swear, it was like everything in all my friends'
lives had worked out! the dream must have lasted hours,
cuz all this cool stuff we went to marisa's
wedding and it was soooo pretty. then at the reception
after almost everyone had left, tim clinked his glass and
said, "meghan and i have an announcement. we're going to
be married a year from today! it'll be a black-and-white
wedding!" and it was cute cute. hmmm.

and then we left the reception and marisa & dave got into
his mustang. haha! and they left and said something about

then mallory drove us all to the beach in the beast
(keith's truck). we got out and there was an abercrombie
skateboarding expo...reeeally weird. but joe & eddie were
skating in it so we watched. but then this lady came up to
them and said, "we believe your nude entry video was a
sham! if you aren't really gay, we can't have you riding
for us!" and anna came up and kissed eddie and then the
lady punched them both in the stomach.

and then david (stanton...ahhcccck) ran over and
said, "it's been a long time!" and grabbed me by the waist
& we walked on the shore & all of a sudden i stopped &
said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" and i reached in my mouth & i
had braces! ack! so i pulled them out and i ran until i
found kari's truck and jumped in and she & brittany were
playing their guitars in the bed of it but i didn't really
care....i just drove her truck till i got home.

then i got out of the truck and it started rolling down the
hill & kari & britt started playing songs from titanic. by
the time i turned around, everyone on the block had come
outside to applaud them. i just sat on my doorstep, and
suddenly i noticed a big bouquet of flowers and a note that
said some really nice stuff that made me blush...which i
don't remember right now but it was coooool.

and then i woke up & came to school & took the UCLA math
test. fun.