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2002-05-02 17:45:12 (UTC)


Yea. so my g/f wrote me this cute little e-mail.. so i
can't stop smiling.. Grr.. i have ALOT to say.. but i
won't. so.. yea.. my ex g/f stormy, yea me and eryn are
trieing to hook her up with all these girls and it is
impossible.. we feel bad becuase when we decide to get all
mooshy and stuff she just sets there alone.. so we gots to
find her someone! I have to stay with her for a week or so!
but eryn will be there and i can't wait.. it's gonna be
fun!!!! so i was crampin all day yesterday and it hurt so
bad! i can't even describe it! but when i saw eryn it all
started going away! see she cures Me! god.. i can't get
over this cute little e-mail! she is so cute! we are going
to the gay prom! YEAH! it's gonna be fun.. yea.. i am gonna
wear some slacks a shirt and a tie! :) but we have to
shopping! so yea.. we have to find stormy a date.. but we
kinda did.. but i dunno! we have girls kinda lined up for
stormy so if one person doesn't like her then we move on
the next.... umm.. we have 2 right now! but i think Leah my
ex might like her.. But i say that.. and they could end up
hating eachother! i dunno! stormy just needs some sex!
DON'T WE ALL *raises hand*........ :)Yea.. AHHH..
ERYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways.. i am gonna go now..

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