living life
2002-05-02 17:26:56 (UTC)


Hey sorry guys I haven't written in a long time but I've
been very busy with school and packing and getting
ready for cedar point!!! I leave for cedar point in about a
week and a half and Im so excited!!! Im gonna have a
blast I can just tell!! I leave from school on the 7th and I
leave for Cp on the 12th YAY!! I actually already started
packing and taking stuff home so I dont have so much
to do before cp so I can hang out with my friends at
home that I never get to see anymore. Well i have some
more cleaning up to do so I will try to write again before
I leave on the 12th. hey look I didn't wrtie about one guy!!
GO ME!!! ya know why?? because it's pointless!!!! BYE