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2002-05-02 17:26:32 (UTC)

Clear Your Mind

Okay, before I try and do any work, I'm going to sit here
and clear my mind. I have a lot on it. This morning is a
thinking morning. Some good music and writing will help me.
I've realized that I'm a huge slacker and that I really
need to start taking care of myself. Even if I don't pass
my English class, I'm going to graduate. My credits from
Rio will fix it. Oh I missed this CD (Alicia Keys) I had it
for about 3 weeks and then Jenn borrowed it and I just got
it back from her the other day. I really need to get my
butt in gear here and get my Senior Project done. I also
realized that I have been trying to do way to many
extracurriculars. Tonight at Vocal, I'm going to talk to
Marylin and tell her that I can't do it anymore. I've
decided not to do Summer Academy either, even though I
really want to. I've worked too hard on Pirates to drop
that though. I'll stick with that and with Chamber Singers
for now and just try and get my stuff done. Zack and I have
decided to slow down as far as trying to see each other
everyday. I love him so much, and most of the time, all I
want to do is be with him, but it can be unhealthy because
we start to sever tie to our other friends. I really don't
want him to have to go through that again. On the other
hand, I was planning on not talking to Jenn anymore
anyways. I need to work on some of my other friendships
though. I hang out with Jessi and Cristal everyday, but we
could totally have deeper friendships. The same with Jay,
well actually, I don't see him all that much anymore. I
miss our heart to hearts. I need to find him later today.
And my little drama mamas! I haven't hung out with them in
a long time! I miss them. Hey Ash, if you're reading this,
call me and we'll hang out, okay? I also need to work on my
relationships with my family members. I told Anthony that
we'd go out for his Birthday, and it's been a good couple
of weeks. The problem there is funds, I need to get a job.
Yea, I think I'm going to go get my licence next week too.
It's really not fair for Zack to have to drive over here
all the time. I got to drive Kyle Von (my car) last night.
It really wasn't all that bad. I have to concentrate much
much more though, because he's nowhere easy to drive. I
love Alicia Keys... I'm so relaxed right now. (Don't worry
Zack, I have a whole 3 more hours to work on my stuff, but
it won't be in today because I have to get the mentor stuff
and make copies. Crap, I forgot to give mom that form to
give to Natalia, I'll call her at lunch). I forgot my cell
phone at home, but it's okay because it makes it a bit
harder for me to call Zack every five seconds. I probably
drive him absolutly nuts sometimes! Sorry babe. Yea, I need
to go out with my mom sometime soon. I don't really enjoy
talking to her, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be
done. Wow, everyone in here is in Prom mode, like three
girls are looking for dresses and or hairstyles. I can't
get the Red Dress done in time, so I'm going to get the
cute black netted corsette/cameo outfit from delia*s. It'll
be okay. I love this, I'm not stressed out about anything.
It's a wonder what a few extra hours of sleep will do for
you! I read this article about being healthy and stuff and
the main things were to sleep and drink a lot of water (oh
yea, and eat right and exercise), but above all, it said
that "one should love oneself for ones natural beauty" and
not worry so much about what others think. The last part
will be the hardest, but the rest is relitivally easy. I
think I'm going to go home for lunch. Dano, will drop me
off and if Craig is there he'll bring me back. At least
he's good for something. Man, I'm so sick of asking
everyone to taxi me around all the time! Next week I am so
schedualing an test. Know what makes me sad? I never get
real e-mails anymore! But I never send real e-mails either.
I'm going to start sending them more often. It's like
getting a note, I love it, I used to write notes to all my
friends, but I started actually doing work in my classes.
Well, kind of. I'm sleepy, but not tired. I always say that
I'm not a morning person, but I need to learn to be one. I
need to start getting to school on time. I love sitting in
here typing in this, it's really relaxing. It makes me get
my problems out without bugging anyone else. I want to run
around barefoot all day. I'm in a hippie mood right now.
Maybe it's the shirt I'm wearing. It's very 70's! And I
have sandels on, I can't wait till the weather warms up
more so I can wear sandels all the time. I don't like
shoes. Wow, I get distracted really easily.

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