jallure's eyes
2001-06-02 06:08:11 (UTC)

like a tribute to insensitive kitten...somewhat of one anyway. heh

"they won't be naming no buildings after me...to go
down...dilapidated" -erykah badu

ahh...i love that song... i admire erykah badu's unqiueness
and creativity. (although i must say i do not dig the shave
head thing she has going on now-a-days).

-=sigh=- again...yes, again... i have neglected to write in
my diary... yet, still i log on daily; to read insensitive
kitten's diary...(well her diary is the first i scan

insensitive kitten- i do believe your diary is deep and
just the most honest taste of reality that anyone could
ever share. i admire your writings, your thoughts, your
truthfulness and open-ness. reading your life through your
eyes, helps me... enlightens me... brings me back to
reality and reminds me that i am not the worst off and my
self-pitty is basically...bullshit. haha. i am not saying i
pitty you... i am saying that it makes me realize that
there are other people in the world that are dealing with
their problems that are a million times more serious than
my own and after reading you entries; i am reminded of that
and that helps me forget about my self-pitty.

heh. did that make sense? oh well... im sure she'll know
what i mean.


i have an appointment tomorrow... going to TRY to get BC...
well, RC is taking me. i am already nervous. ;/

ouch. chest pains... i dont know what it is but when i get
stressed i get bad chest pains... my mom does too...
however, she went to that doctor for hers and that little
quack ass chinese man told her it is probably anxiety
attacks... (thats probably the only thing he has said that
i believe heh) so.. maybe i have the same. -=shrugs
shoulders=- i dunno.

well... school is almost out for the summer. woohoo
yippieeeeeeeeeee dee dee doo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... heh

i need a job. but i cant work on the weekends... damn that
will be hard trying to find one of those ;/

damn... my entries are ohhh sooo boring... but at least i
am not a "poser" (right, insensitive kitten?! hehee)
i dont lie to get attention, or become a follower because i
think it will cause attention. lol whateverr.... i cant
help it... i am just a boring person at times... but
funny... sometimes.. heh

well... i have to wake up early tomorrow. i should go try
to sleep...

i hope i dont have anymore of those crazy dreams. -=sighs=-
i hope...

well... farewell...adios amigos...goodnight...