Truth, Love and Lies
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2001-06-02 05:14:02 (UTC)

Playing with the Boys

I always feel a little weird when i go over to the
fraternity, because I am the only girl there. It is so
strange, i wonder if they all think i am just a loner girl
with no friends. Thing is...all my friends left for their
respective homes come summer. I don't really have Sandra
or Heather to hang out with anymore. I just don't know
what they think, but oh well. They seem to like me coming
over nonetheless. I got to see Adrian and Justice
tonight. I had a pretty good time. They both really
talked to me for awhile. Justice looked so hot washing his
car...mmmm....well, then i think i could have talked to him
a little more, but still being shy....adrian and I got to
get caught up on some unimportant stuff. We got into this
little conversation about me and friends. I was being
honest when i said that I think girls don't like me because
i am not a girlie girl. I am more the kick ass kind of
girl. I like to be tough and i like being the muscular,
athletic girl that i am. If a guy wants to date me, then
he should be happy with that. He should want a girl that
can do just about anything. I play just about all
sports...volleyball, basketball, track, football, baseball,
golf, tennis, waterskiing, snowskiing, wake boarding...I
climb, and I LOVE to swim and work out. I just love being
in shape and having a firm, athletic body, but at the same
time, it makes me feel like i am not a very big girl. I
feel too tough to be attractive sometimes. I don't think i
am unattractive though. I do not have an ugly face or body
and i am not overweight or have some strange thing going on
with my body. I am just your average girl next door, but
muscular and nice. I can be a girl...i dress girlie. I
wear makeup...but i also play more sports than most girls
and I love to fight or be the toughest girl around. I was
raised to always not be afraid of anything or anyone.
Anyway, i titled this playing with the boys...cuz justice
made a comment, "tomgirls rock." that made me feel
awesome. but it is so true. I would much rather be
labeled as "playing with the boys" than being labeled "a
girlie girl." What cool stuff can they do? Shop and put
on makeup well. Buy shoes. Act giggly and silly around
guys. I don't know, i like myself just the way I am.


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