thOughtz of a lOnely heart
2001-06-02 05:03:11 (UTC)

my letter

It's true when people say once your heart is broken, it
needs someone new to fix it. Sometimes some people just
won't give up just yet, when they see something could
change. I'm not just thinking of me, but i have to take
this off my chest. I'm still inlove with you. You are all I
think of night to day, day and night. I have this feeling
that you don't want me anymore. Like you don't care and
shiet. Maybe you are just acting like that, but what do I
know? A lot of things changed. One thing hasn't really
changed much, that is that I still need you. I guess I'll
always will. You know me more than I know myself. You sort
of understand me more than no other can. These are my
sincere words [or thoughts, whichever] that I write and say
to you Tek.. Remember the good times, remember the days we
found out we like eachother, remember that time i cried for
you w/out even knowing you.. remember me the way I was,
remember the person you liked and soon loved. Try not to
remember the hard things we went through. Some of them we
made it through, but some we just couldn't do. I miss you
and Love you still. Happy One Year! ... [suppose to be]