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2002-05-02 11:07:23 (UTC)

p is for perfect pusssy

i threw up in church...i will find u and i will fuck u
again and again and agaen...i loved it when the guy on the
bike crashed and woke up a prince in a castle with no mean
people allowed...i feel u u fucking ruler of my body..come
closer...mas i say mas mas...dont make me come up
there...perfect black and purple velvet she is...sweet
night good dreams.....
pss...teach me teach teach me..i am forever learning from u..i want
to grow with u..i want to know what u what u are..u are so
free so precious..pleeesssseeee i must learn..i am hungry for
you..come quench my thirst..hurt me.. make me feel ufeelme..u fuck
me perfectr.....

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