Meshed Up
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2002-05-02 10:40:49 (UTC)

studious thoughts

i hate smart asses. i can't stand them. who sets the
standard for right and wrong anyway? for correct and

i don't know if i still want to be a lawyer. i would rather
take up creative writing or philosophy..along with media and one true passion. but i need the money.
and in this world where money is everything, money is

for a change in environment, i'm not at home but at a
computer lab...wondering how on earth i'm supposed to finish
the things that i'm supposed to finish. i'm typing right now
just to take a break. my brain gears are beginning to

and i have also realized that i am not suffering from
depression, but from stress. stress has a lot of
repercussions..and depression is one of them.

so i shall end this entry for now. who knows maybe i'll
write again later. all i know is, i'm tired. and i wanna
rest. and i still have a lot of work to do.

i embrace the winter sky and the cold wind. i hope and pray
i will survive the last two weeks of school...and the exams
as well.

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