Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-05-02 05:59:09 (UTC)


Whoo, whatta day! Actually got some work accomplished! I
had a Business Writing portfolio due Thursday and HOORAY!
It's finished! And it's only 1:45 am! And I am really
satisfied with the job too. Now if only Lasarenko would
update our LAST portfolio grade.

I also managed to finish an Academic Write Up for the
honors program. Tomorrow I'll do the other one and turn it
in to Cindy LaCom and make sure that all of my community
service hours have been turned in. Then I won't have
anything to worry about for Honor's program, GPA included!
It should finally go up again and I'll be at the level it's
supposed to be at to maintain Honor's standing. Know what
that would mean? I actually would NOT be on Honor's
academic probation for once! But Cindy loves me too much to
kick me out, so I'm not worried ^_^ Well, I am a little,
but I'm sure if any problems arise, I can work them out.

I got an email reply from my Aunt Donna and I'm SO relieved
she isn't angry with me. I finally emailed her last night
thanking her for my birthday check. I really felt horrible
about putting it off for so long and I begged her
forgiveness. Luckily for me, she replied this morning with
an email entitled "Who's my favorite niece???" And she
forgave me. Inside joke, I'm her ONLY niece, but her email
just gave me this glowing feeling. She said that I'm like
the daughter she'll never have. I don't know if I believe
this or not... Aunt Donna would make one kick ass mom. I'm
so lucky to have her as a relative. I'm really lucky to
have a lot of awesome people related to me. And so many
good friends who make me feel so happy every single day!
Michelle who's so sweet and loving, but shy, Hack who's
psychotic, Heather, my sister in all but blood, Holly Sue,
also psychotic, Jess and Matt and Jason, who made me feel
really good about myself for getting him the SRU campus
map. He's happy I'm so enthusiastic about his planned D&D
quest and I helped get him maps which ended up being just
what he needed! I'm happy to help, but it makes me feel
happy knowing my opinion and help are appreciated. This
year has been such a step up from last year and it's only
going to get better. Heather's joining us!!!! YES!!! Hack
and Jeremy are leaving... but they will visit. And
Otakon... OOOO Otakon...

Well, I'm going to email my aunty back and then go to bed.
No geography of religion tomorrow! I know I should work on
papers... but that will be for tomorrow NIGHT. In between
classes, I'm letting loose and playing some Final Fantasy
X!! YES!! I've been working hard this week, I need a break.
Hopefully I'll see Spiderman this weekend as well! But I
need to get at least one geography of religion paper done
by Friday, so that I can have time to work on the OTHER
paper, and the third if I should feel the need for extra
credit, which I might just. But... soon school will be
over... and there MUST be massive road-tripage. I don't
know what I'll do without being able to see Michelle and
Jason and Hack every day practically... We all have to keep
in touch and see each other! And for Otakon, I'm going to
work and save money! YES! I CAN DO THIS!


Quote of the Moment:
Hajime Saitou (Rurouni Kenshin): You tame a dog with food.
You tame a man with money. But... you can't tame Mibu's

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