2001-06-02 04:19:03 (UTC)


Well today i went to that greek festival thingy with my mom and
her was ok.I hung out with sean and chris
from the neighborhood afterwards b/c the storm kept us from
goin outside.They stayed till 9 then had to leave.My mom is
so over protective......she made us go downstairs so that
the so called tornado didnt hit us b/c it was rainin and
lightning and then made us get away from the windows.o well
only 3 more years wit her!They were all goin through my
thongs and kept buggin me cuz his back hurt
to give him a massage, then i did and he left.Usin me for
my skittles lol jk.Well right now im waitin for eric to get
on and tell me how prom was.He probably wont get on tonight
so im not really worried bout it.Tomorrow its gonna be fun
cuz my friend, krystal is comin over my dads with me and