2001-06-02 03:59:25 (UTC)

Last Day of School!

Yes! I am finally a sophmore! well kinda. today was our
last day! we had finals yesterday and today. they weren't
too bad, but it felt like the day went on forever. today
wasn't that bad i guess, i only had 2 finals, then my last
hour we watched "10 things i hate about you". but i am
done for the summer, the only reason i have to go back to
school is for cheerleading in the mornings, and driver's
ed. can't wait till driver's ed though. i'm really excited
about driving. anyway, the day went pretty well. except the
fact that i woke up this morning at 5 AM! i was feeling
rally sick (a.k.a. really bad cramps) so i decided to lay
on the couch for an hour and a half. i ended up only giving
myself about 40 mins to get ready. that sucked. i hate
being rushed. well i'm excited for my summer to begin, but
sad that school's over. oh don't get me wrong, i hate
school, but i'm gonna miss all my friends! hopefully we can
get together sometimes this summer. well i'm gonna get
going. lata ya'll!

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