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2002-05-02 04:19:42 (UTC)

He's so unhappy...

Josh is deployed right now. He hates being underway, he
says it feels like he can't breathe, like he's in prison.

I wish I could help him somehow. I hate it when someone I
care about doesn't feel well. It makes it so hard for us,
even when he's at home, he's dreading the next deployment.
When he comes home from this one, we have about two months
together, thank god we'll get some time at least, and then
he leaves for six months.

We've had our ups and downs since I last wrote about us,
but I love him so much and I know he feels that way about
me. I don't know what to do about his depression, it's not
as severe as mine used to be but it's hard, all the same.
He took st. john's wort for awhile and that seemed to help
him somewhat, he said it made things easier, but in the
middle of this deployment he stopped taking it. I don't
know why, I don't want to push the issue at all, it's his
body. But it did seem like he felt better for awhile.

I love you and miss you...

We just want to be together and have everything work out.
Move in together, start a life, be happy. Things aren't
easy sometimes, I know.

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