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2002-05-02 03:33:58 (UTC)

MAY 1st 2002

Hey Whats going on? Today is May 1st. 10 days to my 18
birthday. Now i can buy smokes. not that i smoke them. I
might i have smoked before. Doesn't bother me much. My
friends don't like it. My dad wont like it. I don't smoke
often either. Last time was over a month ago. my friend
took my pack and threw it away. but anyway Today i got My
Blink 182 and Green day Ticks today. Im excited. I can't
wait to go see them. I havn't been to a 'big' concert in a
while. i don't remember when the last 'big' concert was.
Anyway this will probably be my last post until Monday. Im
going friday down to Atlanta to see Incubus and Hoobastank
at Music midtown. i gotta good friend who goes to Ga
Tech.then saturday im headed ti Raleigh with Dezeray's
Hammer. It will be my first road trip. SO Lots of things
to write about in my next entry.


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