A day in the life....
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2002-05-02 03:26:54 (UTC)

finals week and such

Oh it's been...a while since i've updated you my readers on
my life. A lot had been going on in the past few weeks.
last i wrote i was preparing to see Brian and dance the
night away at the Swing Ball. That was so much fun! The
Monday night after i was elected as the Treasurer of the
Swing Society for next year. Finals week has arrived and is
almost over with. This past weekend i was able to go up to
Purdue and spend the weekend with Brian *smiles* i got to
meet his parents and some of his friends. It was
bittersweet...seeing him, but then leaving him. I wasn't
sure when i left when next i'd see him, But hopefully, if
all is well, i'll see him this coming wednesday.
I'm wondering what i'll do with myself when everyone is
gone this many people graduating. I'm really
going to miss my prayer group...a Lot.
Learning a lot of new things..and it's the End of the
sememster...why does it always work out that way? Oh's interesting to say the least. God is good!
gonna go for now..God bless y'all!

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