Everyday Shit
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2002-05-02 03:25:07 (UTC)

Broken Friendships

Sunday is usually a day for rest....not in my case. I had
yet another brithday party to tend to. Lexi's....I don't
talk to Lexi. I can't stand her. Her very presence
irritates me. but for some reason all of my friends get
along wit her. So her birthday party was kind of a social
event as far as my friends go..therefore I attended it.

I got there and saw Eric. I was so happy to see him. I
missed him a little bit. I did see him on Wednesday...his
birthday. I made him this poster filed with pictures,
lyrics, movie stubs, all this stuff. He seemed to like it.
haha When he saw it he smiled and touched it. Fingers
pointing at things. This now 18 year old almost man was
reduced to five haha. Spent the whole night driving around
in the Jimmy and the Wagon. It was fun, and we hadn't had
that kind of fun since September.

But anyway back to the story at hand. I went and avoided
the other two guys that were there. Lexi has the tendancy
to like every guy. One of the guys...Kurt. I went to were
Lexi works and ate, Kurt waded on me. He thoght I was
pretty or something because he found out Lexi knows me and
asked her to give him my number. She told me the next day
she wasn't because well...she wanted him. Fine by me. So
there he was Mr. Waiter glancing in my direction.

I avoided him til he and his friend left. Wasn't that hard.
So nothing really fun happened. MaryAnn and I hung around
in MaryAnn's room looking at pictures while everyone else
walked around the house and outside.

Phone rings...Lex gets it and jumps around. The guy she's
in love with is coming down with his friend Matt....2 hours
later they show up. At this point I'm on the floor playing
asshole with Everyone next to my Eric. There's somthing
changing. He starts to get all fucking distant on me.

So I sat down on the couch and it went Me, MaryAnn, Tom
(Lexi's amore) and Lexi. Matt on the floor next to Tom and
Eric on the floor nect to me. So we all got into a joint
conversation which had me on the phone with some psycho
woman who curses into the phone. It was funny.

So Eric is like yeah I'm going. So I got up and walked him
out to his car....I asked him if he was mad at me. He said
nothing and got into the Jimmy after one limp hug. *Uh
fucking Oh*

I started back to the house and Tom came outside. Mind you
it's partly raining. So I asked Him, What are you doing out
here? and he said It's too hot inside. I said Oh. Then he
proceeded to tell me about how he spent his time in church
for the past 3 hours. And I told him about Eric and how
he's my best male friend in the world. This conversation
took 4 minutes. I called inside the house for everyone to
come outside it was so much nicer.

Matt came out and then Tom and him went towrads their car.
I waited around for people to come outside. Then all of the
sudden WHAM MaryAnn storms out of the door and is like Kim
we're goin let's go. I notice everyone's leaving not just
me. So OK. I getint he car. MaryAnn's driving like a
reatard and I said What the fuck is your problem?
MaryAnn: It's YOu!
Me: What'd I even do?
Mary: You know what you did! You were sitting there
flirting with TOM!
Me: Since when is it so bad to hold a conversatio with
Mary: No ***, it seemed like you wanted him . And it wasn't
just to be it was to everybody. Even Cathy Lexi's MOM
Me: Well don't worry about it I don't want Tom OK?
Mary: Well *** It's not jus that you keep hurting people
and I don't want to see people get hurt.
Me: I'm not hurting anyone!
Mary: Yes you are! YOu hurt Joe and Eric and now Lexi. I
mean I know you don't like her but still have soem fucking
Me: You've got to be fucking kidding me. JOE knew what he
was getting into to. I explained everything to him. He
understands where I'm at. and Eric's fine!
Mary: Yeah but you're being such a bitchy whore anymore
Me: Yeah OK. All because I held a conversation right?
Mary: No! Just..ugh...Forget everything I said.
Me: Not a problem.

So I go home and talk to my mom. She said MaryAnn's
jealous. Whatever. I can understand though. At one point
she did called me a wannabe around the guys and shoed her
belly button piercing....I don't know. Maybe it's the
attention thing. She did say once that she wants to be
known for her partying like her brothers....not like a
goody goody. I don't know.


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