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2002-05-02 02:57:35 (UTC)

scary movie

im so scared my tv isbroken andever since my girlfriend
lost her job at mcdonalds i cant afford shit...i cant even
afford to get anything least not anything i want
to do and one i really reallydidnt want to...but thats least he doesnt keep calling and annoying me..i
cant stand it when losers with like no future and a BORING
ass job bother me..they usually stop when they find out
that im too cool for them..the weather here in china is
awesom e. ireally like it when u fuck in the rain.. thats
so cool especially when u forget to wear a condom and she
doesnt even stop like what a slut..but thats some
good pussy..the kind u never let go...i wish i had a sic of riding my bike time i got
hit but the guy like ran away..he was scared of me...what
a wus..can't even facce me..well if i was that ugly of a
guy i would be intimidated by me do..cause im da
shit..yep...with a big motherfuckin cock..well gotta hall is almost over and i gotta help a friend
with his homworrk..peace.